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Brightseed enables a healthier future by illuminating and activating the biological connections between plants and people. Plant small molecules, or bioactives, are often referred to as “nature’s dark matter.” Brightseed’s Forager® is the first and only artificial intelligence to map the world’s bioactives and predict which of them have the greatest impact on critical health areas. Forager’s discoveries have implications for how we grow, process, and consume plants in order to optimize their natural potency.


Brightseed’s Forager® artificial intelligence is exploring the dark matter of the plant kingdom and revealing the most powerful compounds found in nature.


Plants and their biologically active chemicals, or bioactives, support human health with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and other therapeutic activities.

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Leadership Team

Jim Flatt, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Sofia Elizondo

Co-founder and COO

Lee Chae, PhD

Co-founder and CTO

Carol Lynn Berseth, MD

Medical and Scientific Affairs