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Plants have played a vital role in human health for thousands of years, and we have yet to realize their full potential. Brightseed is a data company with the technology to do just that. We identify the hidden compounds in plants that can impact health and we bring these bioactives to market across industries at a rate that was previously impossible.

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Illuminating Connections

Brightseed's core AI technology is Forager, the world's largest digital platform that illuminates the interaction between plant bioactives and human biology. Forager is the only technology capable of predicting which plant compounds are bioactive and how they impact specific health areas.

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Deep Insight

For the first time, we can understand the deep connections between plants and human biology at scale. Forager exponentially accelerates the discovery of natural health solutions, detects new benefits in existing plant-based ingredients, and identifies plant sources that contain the greatest abundance of beneficial bioactives.

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Science knows of only 100,000 plant compounds.

They have led to the discovery of caffeine, natural pain relievers and cancer drugs.

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Forager has already mapped 1,200,000 more plant compounds.

We have increased the potential for breakthrough discoveries 12x in only four years.

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And Forager is just getting started...

With over 10,000,000 more plant compounds for us to map.

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Proven health impact

We can produce more effective health-benefit leads, with a higher hit rate, in less time than any other method available today. Each discovery in Brightseed’s pipeline consists of compounds from plant tissue with real health implications. These compounds are rigorously tested to prove their efficacy.

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Limitless health applications

We bring our discoveries to life by partnering with innovative companies across industry sectors. Together, we deliver bioactives and health insights to achieve a diverse range of products that meet consumers where they are.

Dietary supplements
Food & beverage
Specialized ingredients
Personal care
Consumer health
Animal health

Unparalleled speed & precision


More coverage of plant compounds than known before


Faster discovery than high-throughput screening


Higher hit rate than traditional pharma

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