Brightseed is on a mission to unlock the intelligence of the natural world to power human wellness. Despite centuries of wisdom proving the nutritional and medicinal roles plants play in our diets, the vast majority of phytonutrients in the plant kingdom remain unexplored. Our AI surfaces phytonutrients and their impact so they can be used to naturally support the body’s natural defenses.


We can transform the modern diet from a cause of chronic illness to a source of health.


Proportion of people worldwide that suffer from a diet-related chronic condition.


Percentage of US healthcare budget spent treating preventable chronic conditions.



Global economic impact of chronic disease by 2030.


Only 0.1% of the plant kingdom’s compounds have been explored. We have built the technology to find the ones that improve human health.

Our Technology

Brightseed understands what makes a superfood truly super — its nutrients. Our proprietary AI uncovers nutrients across the plant kingdom and links them to human health targets.

More About Our Technology

Novel nutrients

Today’s diet impairs our metabolism, exposing us to the dangers of chronic disease. We have discovered a breakthrough nutrient that boosts the body’s natural ability to clear toxic fats and restores a healthy metabolism.

More About Our Phytonutrients


July 31, 2020

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July 17, 2020

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Management Team

Jim Flatt, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Sofia Elizondo

Co-founder and COO

Lee Chae, PhD

Co-founder and CTO

Carol Lynn Berseth, MD

SVP Medical and Scientific Affairs