Forager, nature’s discovery engine

Brightseed created Forager™, a computational intelligence that understands nature more profoundly than humans can.

Forager is fueled by Brightseed’s growing proprietary data on the world’s plant life and deep knowledge of human biology.

Forager interrogates and learns with unprecedented speed and scale, discovering natural compounds that solve unmet human needs.

Much of nature’s treasures remain unexplored

Nature has evolved a tremendous wealth of natural compounds that underlie the very fabric of life. These compounds fuel many fundamental processes, including human health and nutrition. However, modern science has studied less than 0.1% of these compounds. That’s why we created Forager.

More than 450,000 living plants

More than 10 million natural compounds

Less than 0.1% explored

Forager captures and understands nature’s chemical diversity

Brightseed can now realize what was once unimaginable due to:

  • Advanced instrumentation that reliably generates biological data
  • Robotics that scale data generation with unprecedented quality, consistency and speed
  • Computing power to process big data
  • Artificial intelligence that rapidly derives powerful insights from complex data, which is not processable by human intelligence

A powerful discovery

Forager produced a powerful discovery, a plant compound that rebalances human metabolism, allowing our bodies to better process harmful excess fat.

More About Our Bioactives

Forager has only just begun

With Forager, we will reveal the universe of natural plant compounds that are inherently healthy, allowing us to return food to its rightful place as a trusted source of nutrition.