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Brightseed partners with innovation leaders across a range of industries to discover, validate, and bring to market bioactive solutions for health. Our AI platform, Forager, provides differentiated health insights and uncovers (IP-protected) bioactives that impact critical areas of human biology.

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How Forager tranforms industries

Dietary supplements

Natural supplement for brain health

In search of natural and efficacious solutions, Pharmavite, the makers of Nature Made vitamins and supplements, partnered with Brightseed to discover plant bioactive compounds that support a specific area of brain health. Forager predicted thousands of previously unknown compounds that are likely to have a measurable impact on human biological systems. Forager has also identified hundreds of plants that contain these compounds, expanding natural sourcing options. With additional efficacy validation underway, our partnership will generate novel, IP-protected plant bioactives to add to Pharmavite’s portfolio.

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Food & beverage

Optimized plant-based food and beverages to sustain wellness

Danone’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. In order to further their mission, they established a multiyear global partnership with Brightseed to uncover bioactives that drive health throughout their broad plant-based product portfolio. Forager highlighted how sourcing, processing, and manufacturing choices maximize the retention of valuable plant bioactives. Acting on these insights, Danone is poised to lead the way on delivering science-backed products with superior nutritional value and great taste to consumers worldwide.

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Global health

Bioactives to improve birth outcomes

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contributed a grant toward improving maternal health and birth outcomes through insights generated by Brightseed’s AI platform, Forager. The Gates Foundation supports the development of balanced energy protein (BEP) food supplements for pregnant women in countries with high undernutrition burden. Forager illuminates the molecular underpinnings of bioactives contained in existing BEP products to have a better understanding of all compounds that contribute to better health. The project also includes identifying potent plant compounds that can mimic the important benefits of azithromycin without some of the negative side effects of antibiotics. With deeper visibility enabled by Forager, it will be possible to further improve maternal and infant health.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What plant compounds are bioactive and why do they matter?
    Plants create proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and small molecules. These small molecules, or compounds, allow plants to communicate with their environment and defend themselves — it’s how they attract bees and repel pests. A small molecule that triggers cascading biological responses in our bodies is called a bioactive. Bioactives play a major role in maintaining human health and are the source of active ingredients in some medicines.
  • Why does Forager need AI to find plant compounds?
    Current methods and instrumentation are unable to see the full extent of plant compounds in individual plants, much less the millions of compounds in the plant kingdom. Forager uses AI to illuminate these undiscovered plant compounds by finding patterns in noisy data, accurately identifying chemical structures and predicting plant sources.
  • How does Forager predict the health impact of plant bioactives?
    Forager trains on decades of biomedical literature on biological targets and is able to understand the numerous connections between plant compounds and human biological systems. It recognizes plant compound patterns that can relate to human health and can mine over a million potential solutions from its growing library.
  • What is the source of Brightseed’s plant compound library?
    The plant kingdom is our source. Our proprietary plant compound library grows as we add new plants to Forager and use AI to identify bioactives the plants contain. Through this approach, we’ve built a plant compound data library that is over 10x larger than what has been previously available.
  • How does Brightseed’s AI platform work?
    Brightseed’s technology platform, Forager, uses a combination of both wet lab techniques and advanced computation. It operates on multiple machine learning and AI algorithms. Forager generates the plant compound library and predicts bioactivity. We then verify these predictions through biological methods. Using this approach, our speed and hit rate are a magnitude beyond current approaches.