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There’s a world of plant knowledge unknown to the scientific community. Brightseed is an AI-driven data company on a mission to illuminate the biological connections between people and plants at the deepest level. Through a lens of nutrition and wellbeing, our goal is to identify the plant bioactives that advance human health.

About us

Champions of nature

Plants create small molecular compounds to communicate with their environment. Bioactives are a special type of plant compound that science knows are paramount in human health. Bioactives show up as antioxidants in blueberries, caffeine in tea, the active ingredient in aspirin, and even in some cancer drugs. However, there was no systematic, scalable way to uncover them — until now.

Brightseed was founded to address the world’s most pressing health challenges. We built Forager to understand nature more deeply than ever before. Our founders share the conviction that the answers for health lie in the natural world — we just needed to know how to look.

We are committed to advancing health by building an ecosystem that delivers bioactives — from agricultural crops to specialized ingredients to pharmaceuticals — to consumers. With every discovery we are growing Forager, the largest knowledge base of the connections between plant bioactives and human biology, and pioneering the next era of health.

Our team of pioneers

We are a diverse group of professionals that include scientists, technologists, metabolomics experts, biologisists, natural product chemists, doctors, process engineers, supply chain builders, and business leaders. We are also musicians, athletes, mothers, fathers, artists, writers, and plant fanatics.

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